Friday, August 23, 2019


E-Filing is available for most courts, including Appellate, Common Pleas Civil and Criminal and Municipal Civil filings. It is not yet available for other courts.

In Municipal Civil, the following case types can be efiled:

  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles Suspensions
  • Certificates of Judgment from a Foreign Court
  • Civil Suits
  • Evictions and
  • Small Claims

There is no efiling on Domestic Relations, Municipal Criminal or Municipal Traffic cases.

Individuals can register as pro se filers and use this system. It is no longer limited to attorneys only.

Sign up for E-Filing by clicking on the picture below the login boxes where it says “Sign UP for Electronic Filing.” Then follow the prompts and supply the requested information to set up your account.

If you have an account, you may log in to E-Filing

Helpful Resources:

How to E-File
For directions on how to efile with screen prints, click on the user guide linked above.

Helpful Hints
For detailed information on topics such as name data entry, documents needed for initiating a new case, service and attorney copy cost accounts, click on the document linked above.

For additional assistance, call (513) 946-5612 or email

E-Filing Account