Thursday, September 21, 2023
  • The Hamilton County Clerk of Courts is the official record keeper and agent of Hamilton County’s Justice System. Headed by Hamilton County Clerk of Courts the office helps provide the following services:

    • Provide public access to the records of the Court in Hamilton County;
    • Receive, distribute, and preserve official court documents of the Court of Common Pleas, Municipal Court as well as other courts that have appellate jurisdiction at the county level;
    • Execute personnel responsibilities such as arrest, transportation of prisoners, subpoenas, evictions, and courtroom security in Municipal Court;
    • Issue Certificates of Title for automobiles and boats;
    • Process traffic tickets; and
    • Process passport applications.

    Customers come to the Clerk of Courts offices for a variety of reasons: to pay traffic and criminal fines, initiate or contest a civil case, access court records, or even apply for a passport.

    The Clerk’s office provides many resources and three convenient locations throughout Hamilton County.

    The Hamilton County Clerk of Courts office strives to provide professional, efficient, and accessible services to all Hamilton County residents and customers.