Thursday, July 25, 2024
  • About the Clerk

    Meet Pavan V. Parikh, Hamilton County Clerk of Courts

    Pavan V. ParikhPavan V. Parikh is the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts. He was appointed in December 2021 and elected in 2022 with over 53% of the vote. Pavan’s focus is on increasing access to justice, improving customer service, modernizing the Clerk’s office, and ensuring that the Clerk’s staff reflects the diversity of Hamilton County.

    A Cincinnati native, Pavan has dedicated his life to community service. After law school, he worked for Judge Nadine Allen on the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas. Pavan then served as Chief Legal Counsel with the Ohio Senate Minority Caucus, monitoring and negotiating legislation on important issues like criminal justice reform, voting rights, constitutional law, and ethics.

    In 2013, Pavan joined the US Army Reserve as a judge advocate and remains active in his service. As a Major and a military lawyer, Pavan has served in a variety of roles including as a Special Victims Counsel representing victims of sexual assault.

    His varied experience in law also includes teaching as an adjunct professor at University of Cincinnati College of Law and Xavier University, running his own law firm, working in-house as counsel for Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, and volunteering on various state and local boards including the Cincinnati Bar Association and the Ohio Ballot Board.

    An award-winning leader and executive, Pavan has been asked to share his expertise on law, history, and public policy most notable as the keynote speaker for the National Association for Government Recordskeeper and Archivists (NAGARA) annual convention in 2023, has presented several CLE classes on topics from election law to military operations, and routinely speaks to young people about pursuing careers in law and government.