Thursday, June 20, 2024
  • In creating a state judicial system, the 1802 Ohio State Constitution provided for the appointment of a clerk of courts for each county. Originally, the clerk of courts was appointed by judges of the court of common pleas for a seven-year term. Under the 1851 Constitution, the office became elective for a three-year term which was extended to four years in 1936.
    Through the history of our six different courthouses in Hamilton County since 1790, the Clerk of Courts’ Office has strived to keep track of all the records as best as possible, even in the face of records being shuffled from courthouse to courthouse or destroyed due to multiple courthouse fires prior to 1919. On this page you can read some of the in-depth papers on our exploration through our historical records and recent attempts to make sure that these are not forgotten or just left to gather dust on a shelf.

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