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  • Common Pleas Civil Fees

    Below is the schedule of fees as of September 15, 2005 for matters relating to the three divisions of the Courts of Common Pleas: Civil, Appellate and Domestic Relations.

    For fees not listed below, please call the Issue Desk at (513) 946-5635

    For final court costs, please call the Cost Desk at (513) 946-5664

    Common Pleas
    Complaint, New Action and/or Miscellaneous (non-Foreclosure)(includes up to 4 services) $325.00
    Complaint (Foreclosure)(includes up to 4 services) $550.00
    Counter-Claim $75.00
    Cross-Claim $75.00
    Intervening Complaint $75.00
    Jury Demand $270.00
    Third Party Complaint $75.00
    Out of County Plaintiff $30.00
    5th Service $45.00
    Services over 5 (each service) $9.00
    Written Request for Certified Mail Service After Complaint is Filed $9.00
    Praecipe for Order of Sale $750.00
    Execution Levy $88.00
    Foreign Sheriff Fee $30.00
    Certified Mail Service (per service) $9.00
    Express Mail Service $27.00
    Expungement $50.00
    Land Registration $24.00
    Appointment of Appraiser $150.00
    Motion for Appointment of Receiver $30.00
    Execution (Execution $3.00, Issue $85.00) $88.00
    Writ of Possession $200.00
    Foreign Judgment $40.00
    Garnishment (Banks) $22.00
    Garnishment (Personal Earnings) $21.00
    Certificate of Judgment (Municipal) $16.00
    Certificate of Judgment (Common Pleas) $21.00
    Certificate of Judgment (Going Out of County) $5.00
    Third Party Complaints $75.00
    Counter-Claims $75.00
    Cross-Claims $75.00
    Intervening Complaints $75.00
    Repo Title – Title Only $325.00
    Repo Title – With Money Claim $325.00

    All fees are payable by:

    NOTICE – If you are paying by credit card, a fee will be added as dictated by this schedule.

    When using a credit card, the card holder must be present.