Thursday, June 20, 2024
  • High Demand

    Hamilton County Clerk of Courts High Demand Files:

    Christopher Campbell

    24CRB8169 Affidavit
    24CRB8169 Affidavit B
    24CRB8169 Complaint
    24CRB8169 Complaint B
    24CRB8169 Entry Extending Time Provisions
    24CRB8169 Administrative Judge Entry
    24CRB8169 Written Plea Of Not Guilty

    Jerry Campbell

    24CRB8168 Affidavit A
    24CRB8168 Affidavit B
    24CRB8168 Complaint A
    24CRB8168 Complaint B
    24CRB8168 Entry Extending Time Provisions
    24CRB8168 Entry of Recusal
    24CRB8168 Entry of Recusal 1
    24CRB8168 Entry of Recusal 2
    CRB8168 Written Plea of Not Guilty