Friday, May 24, 2024
  • New Ohio Residents

    Application for a vehicle, boat or motor title can be made in any Clerk of Courts office in the state of Ohio. If the title is not already in the current owner’s name, the vehicle must be titled within 30 days of assignment, or a late fee will be assessed.

    For a new vehicle purchased out-of-state, a completed application, an odometer statement, a Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO), a dealer invoice or purchase order, and all fees and taxes are required for the new title to be processed.

    For a used vehicle purchased out-of-state, a properly assigned title with purchase price and mileage, an out-of-state serial number inspection, and all fees and taxes are required.

    After moving to the state of Ohio from another state; if your vehicle is being financed or leased, an out of state request form must be completed and sent to the bank or leasing company requesting the original title. Additionally, an out of state serial number inspection, Ohio driver’s license, current mileage and all fees are required.

    The rules for new Ohio residents also apply to current Ohio residents who are titling a vehicle, boat or motor that has been purchased out-of-state.

    Certificate of Title $15.00
    Memorandum (only) $5.00
    Lien Recording (on existing title) $15.00
    Watercraft Certificate of Title $15.00
    Outboard Motor Title $15.00
    Out of State / Serial Number Inspection $1.50
    Affidavit Fee $1.00

    Sales or use tax is the applicant’s/purchaser’s resident county amount. Hamilton County is currently at 7.8%.
    All fees are payable by:

    NOTICE – If you are paying by credit card, a fee will be added as dictated by this schedule.

    When using a credit card, the card holder must be present.