Thursday, June 20, 2024
  • Inter-Office Mail Directory

    Department Code
    Administration – Hamilton County CAB-603-85
    Administrative Services CAB-607-10
    Appeals Court 230E-12-15
    Auditor (Administration) CAB-304A-20
    Auditor (Delinquent Real Estate) CAB-310-21
    Auditor (Finance) CAB-504-22
    Auditor (Inheritance & Estate Tax) CAB-501-23
    Board of Elections BOE-824-100
    Building Inspections CAB-803-30
    Clerk of Courts (Administration) CH-375-40
    Clerk of Courts (Appellate Division) 230E-12100-52
    Clerk of Courts (Auto Title Downtown) AT-1001-41
    Clerk of Courts (Auto Title Forest Park) AT-1216-42
    Clerk of Courts (Common Pleas) CH-315-45
    Clerk of Courts (Domestic Relations) 800BW-213-46
    Clerk of Courts (Mail Center) CH-B55-47
    Clerk of Courts (Municipal Civil Bailiffs Division) CH-149-49
    Clerk of Courts (Municipal Civil Division) CH-115-48
    Clerk of Courts (Municipal Criminal & Traffic Division) JC-112-51
    Clerk of Courts (Municipal Criminal Bailiffs Division) CH-169
    Common Pleas Court CH-410-60
    Common Pleas Court (Arbitration) CH-481-61
    Common Pleas Court (Assignment Commissioners) CH-481-62
    Common Pleas Court (Court Reporters) CH-555-63
    Common Pleas Court (Mediation) CH-450-123
    Common Pleas Court (Pre-Trial Services) JC-116-64
    Community Development CAB-507-70
    Community Development (Section 8) CAB-507-71
    Community Mental Health Board W8TH-MH-280
    County Commissioner, Board of CAB-603-85
    County Facilities (Main Office) CH-B95-75
    County Facilities (230 E. 9th Street) 230E-B-76
    County Facilities (800 Broadway) 800BW-B-77
    County Facilities (County Administration Building) CAB-B10-78
    County Facilities (County Administration Building) CAB-B20-79
    County Facilities (Justice Center North) JC-B-80
    County Human Resources CAB-707-90
    Domestic Relations Court 800BW-2-100
    Engineer CAB-700-110
    Environmental Services ES-1-115
    General Health District GHD-2-299
    Job and Family Services HS-MR-120
    Jury Commission CH-455-140
    Juvenile (Hillcrest) HILL-1-144
    Juvenile Court (Administration) 800BW-1-145
    Juvenile (Work Detail) WORK-1-146
    Juvenile (Youth Center) 2020-MR-155
    Law Library CH-601-160
    Metropolitan Sewer District MSD-1600-170
    Microfilm CH-MF-172
    Municipal Court CH-410-175
    Paul Brown Stadium PB Stadium
    Private Complaint 230E-1150-180
    Probate Court 230E-9-185
    Probation Department 800BW-4-190
    Prosecuting Attorney 230E-4000-200
    Public Defender
    (Administration, Support and Misd.)
    Public Defender
    (Juvenile, Domestic Rel., Guardian Ad Litem)
    Public Works CAB-800-215
    Recorder (Administration) CAB-209-220
    Recorder CAB-101-221
    Records Center RC-WR-224
    Regional Computer Center (Administration) CAB-1003-270
    Regional Computer Center (CMS) Courthouse Location CH-247-271
    Regional Computer Center (CMS) 800 Broadway 800BW-100-272
    Regional Computer Center (CLEAR) CH-247-273
    Regional Computer Center (CAGIS) CH-247-274
    Regional Planning Commission CAB-807-225
    Rural Zoning Commission CAB-807-225
    Sheriff CH-260-235
    TASC 800BW-TASC-300
    Treasurer CAB-402-245
    Treasurer (Delinquent Personal Property) CAB-409-246
    Tuberculosis Control Center TBC-1-250
    Veteran’s Services Commission 230E-1100-255
    Zoning Appeals, Board of CAB-804-260