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Parking Tickets

1. Parking Ticket Search
    -  These are citations issued by the City of Cincinnati ONLY for parking violations and other non-moving
        offenses under the City's D.E.T.E.R. (decriminalized) parking-bureau ordinance.

2. Parking Ticket Payout Amounts
    -  These are the payout amounts for a citation issued by the City of Cincinnati for parking violations.

3. Pay Your Parking Ticket
    -  Pay your parking ticket online using the Clerk's web payment system.

4. The Law of Parking Tickets in the City of Cincinnati
    -  Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.68 Parking - Prohibited Acts
    -  Cincinnati Municipal Code Title V - Traffic Code
            Chapter 508 - Stopping and Parking
            Chapter 509 - Parking Meters
            Chapter 515 - Parking Infractions; Collection Procedures
            *Other state and local laws may apply.

NOTE: The information provided above reflects the current records in the Clerk of Courts database. Other tickets or citations may be open but not yet entered in the database by Cincinnati Police Records or others; at any point in time the above listings may not be comprehensive.
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