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Common Pleas Civil Forms
This page contains a number of the forms that are used in the Common Pleas Division of the Clerk of Courts Office, as well as the Local Rules of Criminal and Civil Practice and a link to the Local Rules of the Court of Domestic Relations.
Civil Protection
1. Petition for Stalking Civil Protection Order (Form 10.03-G) - Instructions - Revised 03-05-14
2. Petition for Stalking Civil Protection Order (Form 10.03-D)
1. Motion for Extension of Time to File Answer or Otherwise Plead
2. Confirmation Expenses Worksheet
3. Praecipe for Order of Sale
4. Purchaser Information Sheet
Excess Funds
1. Motion for Order of Distribution of Excess Funds with Notice of Hearing
2. Order for Distribution of Excess Funds
1. Praecipe for Execution
2. Writ of Execution
1. Affidavit and Order and Notice of Garnishment of Personal Earnings & Answer of Employer
2. Affidavit and Order and Notice of Garnishment of Property other than Personal Earnings & Answer of Garnishee
3. Entry Ordering Garnishee to Pay Money into Court
4. Interim/Final Report and Answer of Garnishee
5. Notice and Affidavit to the Judgment Debtor of Current Balance Due on Garnishment Order
6. Notice of Court Proceedings to Collect Debt
7. Notice to the Judgment Debtor of Garnishment of Personal Earnings
8. Notice to the Judgment Debtor of Garnishment of Property Other than Personal Earnings
1. Affidavit of Mistaken Identity
2. Certificate of Judgment (Praecipe)
3. Classification Forms:
   a.Foreclosure Classification Form - Revised 11-04-13
   b.Classification Form (All Other Civil Filings) - Revised 06-28-13
4. Clerk's Certificate of Disposition of Suit Affecting Registered Lands (Form 74)
5. Clerk's Certificate of Judgment for Lien Against Registered Land (Form 75)
6. Clerk's Certificate of Pending Suit for Lis Pendens Against Registered Lands (Form 73)
7. Clerk's Certificate of Satisfaction and Certificate of Judgment Against Registered Lands (Form 76)
8. Directions for Sheriff
9. Motion and Order for Revivor
10. Notification Form
11. Order of Distribution
12. Ordinary Mail Waiver
13. Supplemental Transcript
14. Written Request for Service
15. Subpoena for Witness and Rule 45 of Rules of Civil Procedure
16. Praecipe for Writ of Possession, etc.
17. Personal Identifier Reference List
18. Attorney Electronic Notification
Judgment Debtor
1. Motion For Order of Appearance of Judgment Debtor
2. Order for Appearance and Examination of Judgment Debtor
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