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What does the Clerk of Courts do?
The Hamilton County Clerk of Courts serves as both official record keeper and agent of Hamilton County's justice system.

As official record keeper, the Clerk manages and archives all records of the Court of Common Pleas and the Municipal Court as well as other courts that have appellate jurisdiction at the county level. In 2006 alone, the Clerk managed 1.68 million case docketing procedures in the Hamilton County courts. To better serve those doing business within the court system, this information is also available on the Clerk of Courts website. In 2006, the Clerk's website served over 3 million visitors.

In addition to record keeping duties, Clerk personnel have responsibilities that include arrest, transportation of prisoners, subpoenas, evictions and courtroom security in Municipal Court. An average year finds the bailiffs in the Municipal Court making over 8,000 arrests, serving over 15,000 subpoenas and transporting some 20,000 prisoners to court.

The Clerk of Courts Traffic Division processes over 50,000 traffic tickets yearly and 40,000 arrest warrants. These generate over $13,000,000 each year, which Hamilton County shares with the City of Cincinnati and the State of Ohio. The Civil Division handles over 35,000 civil suits yearly and handles over 12,000 evictions.

The Clerk of Courts Auto Title Division has been issuing Certificates of Title since 1938. Hamilton County is third largest in the state in title volume for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, mobile homes, and boats. Well over 420,000 titles are issued each year generating revenue of over $70,000,000. Most of this money goes to the State of Ohio. Over $130 million per year is paid through the Clerk of Courts' Office, mostly through processing of Auto Titles.

The Clerk's office employs a staff of over 200 people.
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